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Important Note: This is my first time using Itch.io and im fairly new to sharing games I have or am making. So I apologize in advanced if this page is incomplete or atrocious to look at.

Description: PowerRush is a game were you the player is an owner of a Power Plant Tycoon. As the population grows, its your job to supply enough power for everyone to use. The player starts with 3000 cash with that cash able to be used on various things. The player can either spend their cash on power plants or factories. Power plants produce energy which generate cash. In which case factories, which are currently not added into the game yet, are used to speed up the process of building power plants and other factories. If your power supply goes to at least -5000, you loose the game. If however your power supply goes to at least 200000, you win the game. There is a max of 50 buildings in which you cannot delete any buildings placed down. So choose wisely on what your building.


W/A/S/D: Moving Camera Around

Holding Right Click/Z/X: Rotating Camera

Q/E: Move Camera Up and Down

Credit: (Not real names)

Developer: IndependentFire

Logo: LogoMakr (Website)

Minimum Requirements:

To be done

Recommended Requirements:

To be done


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Install instructions

Simply press the download button. Then open up the zip file. In the zip file there should me a regular file called "EnergyRush". In that file, contains the application "EnergyRush". Then, open the application to start playing the game.


EnergyRush.zip 37 MB

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